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DUBAI: The SPARSH WEIGHTLOSS & LASER CLINIC owes its origin to the Medical Spa, an exclusive medical Clinic established by Dr Bhargav Upadhyay  (Physiotherapist, Cosmetologist, Metabolic Disorder Consultant, American Board Certified in Laser Technology, Dubai Health Authority certified)  and his wife Dr. Katha Upadhyay(B.PT,MIACP, Dubai Health Authority certified & prominent Aesthetic Counselor in the Dubai,Middle East).  SPARSH opened its doors in 2011 in the DUBAI , Dr Bhargav Upadhyay’s thriving practice offers more services and procedures to Middle East patients. SPARSH WEIGHT LOSS & LASER CLINIC offers latest, state-of-the-art medical treatments in luxurious and unforgettable spa atmosphere where each treatment is infused with aromatherapy, sound therapy and color therapy. The serious atmosphere of a medical facility is replaced by the warm and relaxed atmosphere of a Spa, while maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of a medical office. Treatments were formulated to de-stress, detoxify and invigorate the body while Invasive and non- Invasive treatments are performed to rejuvenate, contour and reshape the body and the face.  Real and proven combination of High-tech Laser Technology, modern medicine & traditional alternative therapies. The concentration of SPARSH remains in Non Surgical Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Laser Hair Removal Skin care , Anti- Ageing Treatment while incorporating total body wellness, including control of Metabolic disorder like Diabetes, Blood Pressure , Cholesterol etc.

AHMEDABAD / ANAND (GUJARAT): When Dr Bhargav Upadhyay decided to move to India in June 2014, In Association with Dr Priyesh patel(B.PT, MIACP , CEO of the PREVENTION WELLNESS CENTER ) they brought their extensive experience, latest equipment and already successful treatment protocols to India . At the SPARSH traditional alternative therapies and latest ground-breaking scientific medical procedures complement each other to obtain optimal results.

In 2012, SPARSH and Dr. Bhargav’s exceptional results were seen internationally by millions of people on Aesthetic News Dubai.



SPARSH WEIGHT LOSS & LASER CLINIC has integrated several FDA approved technologies to offer Total Aesthetic Solutions, allowing you to customize your own Extreme Makeover. Renowned international experts, head the various aesthetic divisions, guiding SPARSH to offer you the ultimate in a total makeover experience. SPARSH continues to house both a Medical and Aesthetic Guidance under one roof offering a comprehensive medical and cosmetic approach to client care, providing the highest standards in both treatment results and spa experience. The focus continues to be Cosmetic Non-surgical Procedures like Cosmetic Skin Care, Laser Hair Removal ,Scientific weight loss, Cellulite Reduction, Inch-loss, Post pregnancy protocol, Metabolic disorder Management, RF Skin tightening, Non-Surgical Face Lifting etc. Now every SPARSH guest can take pleasure in the opulence environment, while receiving the latest hi-tech treatments in the privacy and sterility of a medical office. So relax at SPARSH where the science is impeccable and the luxury unforgettable. Our Doctors, Nurses, Laser Technicians and Customer care executive staff stands ready to help you in every way.

Our Philosophy

Total Aesthetics and cosmetic encompasses both inner health and external beauty. Achieving good inner health allows us to be energized, feel positive and radiate beauty from within. When altering external beauty, it should enhance and improve, but not result in an unnatural change. To obtain Total Aesthetics  the use of multi–disciplinary approach is necessary—modern technology, alternative medicine and aesthetic grooming. For decades there has been a dichotomy of thought between modern medicine and alternative medicine. It has been difficult to blend both worlds of thought, until now. At SPARSH WEIGHT LOSS & LASER CLINIC, one does not have to make a choice. Our attempt is to strike a fine balance between progressive medicine, advanced technology and traditional alternative therapies along with Aesthetic Grooming to give our guests comprehensive aesthetic medical attention which balances all: Mind, Body and Spirit—to allow you to “FEEL YOURSELF.”