Joint Dysfunction Treatment

S I joint dysfunction Treatment

With our working conditions and our lifestyle, there is bound to be an effect on us. Pains in any joint can be extremely painful and takes a long time to treat too. A Sacroiliac joint dysfunction or an S I Joint dysfunction is a common pain in the side of hip bones that is caused either by too much motion or too less motion. This condition usually causes the hip bone to swell up which therefore causes a lot of pain. It is a condition that is common in older people who have had extremely active lives.

While this condition can be quite painful, there are several treatment methods to get quick relief from it. Since this joint pain originates from the pelvis, it requires a great deal of care and attention. A massage is the most recommended way to get quick relief from the pain. A warm body massage can do wonders to this condition and give you that much needed relief from joint pain. The treatment would have a masseuse applying a mixture of oils to soothe the body down and to relax the muscles. It would help you sleep better too since you would be in a calmer and relaxed state.

These methods require a skilled and experienced hand and that is exactly what you would find at our center. A team of dedicated professionals who want to understand your pain points first. You would be able the reasons behind S I joint dysfunction and how you can keep this condition under control. At the same time, our experts would also explain our treatment process and how it would help you. If you are suffering from such a condition, we urge you to get in touch with us so we can help you. Book an appointment today.

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