Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne could be the most troubling factor for most of us. The effects could be quite damaging for our skin too. Having this not treated could lead to an outbreak of pimples and even could even leave behind scars that could take be damage forever. Hence, it requires a lot of care and guidance for treatment. There are many different kinds of acne and the first step towards treating it is understanding how severe the case is. In most mild cases, treatment could be limited to lotions or gels that clear your skin. However, this is not always suggested as deeper blemishes could leave scars.

SPARSH understand your case in a unique manner. Are you looking at removing acne scars, laser resurfacing may be a viable solution as these scars tend to shrink and fade away with time?


Acne in most cases takes about 4 – 6 weeks for improvement, but with new techniques it can happen even quicker. In each of these treatments, it is a must to have a sound and experienced team of skin experts that know the exact acne or pimple condition you are going through. Moreover, special attention and care must be taken with such remedies as constant follow up must be considered.

We ensure that our clients are aware of the treatments being conducted and know the exact procedures. Get in touch with us today for glowing, young, healthy and wonderful skin.

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